Hull Libraries, The British Council,

Arts Council England, BBC Arts,

The James Reckitt Trust

Produced by
Thirteen Ways

The Tool Appreciation Society is dedicated to makers and their tools – the tools which serve their craft, their master, their tradition and their community. This major new exhibition from artist Linda Brothwell for Hull Culture and Leisure Library Services explores the significance of craft skills and tools illustrating their value to our social, cultural and economic development. Inspired by the heritage and workers of Hull and the wider world, The Tool Appreciation Society exhibition presents, at its heart, exquisite tools made by Brothwell as she pays tribute to skilled crafts people – from Hull and South Korea to Sheffield, Liverpool and Lisbon. Alongside her tools are the historic tools and stories of the crafts people of Hull.

Linda Brothwell

“I have spent my artistic career under the influence of tools. Tools connect us to our familial, regional and national heritages, helping us to locate ourselves, emotionally and physically. I began by asking myself if I was the last generation able to identify the uses of tools? If tools are just relics of the past for future generations? And, if we can’t use a tool how can we create a world? So, I invite you to view these tools – reading them through the history and contemporary reality of production, through the conversations and skills exchanges I have had with crafts people from Hull and around the world. Join me as I pay tribute to these crafts people, fashioning exquisite new tools for each of them.”